You Can’t Put a Price on a Healthy Lifestyle, But You Can on an Unhealthy One

You Can’t Put a Price on a Healthy Lifestyle, But You Can on an Unhealthy One

In my years as a personal trainer I’ve had countless people ask, ‘what’s your hourly rate?’

There are many reasons people invest in a personal trainer, for most of my clients it’s about changing their lifestyle to create healthier choices in their daily routines to improve their overall way of living.

If you have a health and fitness goal in mind, it’s not going to be achieved by seeing your personal trainer a couple times a week and then be left to your own devices until your next session. You should always be in contact with your trainer and using them as your resource base for anything health and fitness related you need to know.

A2Z Personal TrainingFive years ago when A2Z Personal Training was born I had one goal in mind – to change people’s lives. The motto that was created from this one thought says it all – It’s Not Just A Fitness Program It’s A Lifestyle.

I educate my clients on the importance of creating change, not just by coming to our sessions, but by making smart choices each day when it comes to what foods to eat at each meal, what drinks to have and what to avoid and how simple it is to include exercise in your everyday life. We also look into any barriers that may be holding you back in your mind, as in most cases they are easily overcome which can then leave you free to propel yourself towards your goals.

You need to realize these habits that need changing have been brewing for quite a few years, so it would be reasonable to assume it’s going to take a while to remove these bad habits and create better ones, there’s no such thing as an overnight fix and if someone is claiming they have one then you should be questioning their methods. No one said it was going to be easy, but if it’s what you want and have a deep enough desire to want to reach your goals then nothing should stop you.

Back to the purpose of the title – You can’t put a price on a healthy lifestyle, but you can on an unhealthy one. I’m not just talking about buying unhealthy food as far as price is concerned; I’m talking about your life. There are examples everywhere of people who at the age of 40 or younger who have ruined their life because of unhealthy decisions they previously made.

So let me ask, what’s living a long healthy life worth to you? $100 a week? $200 a week? $1000 a week? After everything I have been through with my own health I’d say you can’t put a price on what your own life is worth. If you need to spend a little extra money so that you’re looking after yourself and creating a positive, healthy change, then that’s what it’s worth to you.

When I’m on top of my health and doing absolutely everything I can to keep healthy – daily vitamins, daily fresh juice made by me, eating 4-5 meals a day, exercising, meditating, massages…you get the point, do you think this is expensive? I don’t, because it’s keeping my mind and body at its best so I can be at my best each and every day, for me it’s that simple.

So next time you enquire about a service, instead of the generic question of ‘What is your hourly rate?’ perhaps a better question you could try is ‘How are you going to help me achieve my goals?’

To a happier and healthier future

Andrew Z