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A2Z Personal Training Services

A2Z Personal Training has a wide range of services to cover what you need. If your looking for a Personal Trainer, Life Coach, looking to join our online Healthy Habits program or a corporate training program then you’re in the right place.

A2Z has been providing mobile personal training services in the Canterbury, Camberwell, Balwyn, Kew, Box Hill, Surrey Hills and Hawthorn areas since 2007 and we bring the gym to you! Expensive equipment isn’t necessary, all you need is your drink bottle and towel and we bring the rest.


Personal Training

A2Z Personal Training offer a fully personalized service that will ensure only the best results for you. we come to a location suited to you, either your house or local park and take you through your workouts, help with your nutrition and also ensure you develop an unstoppable mindset to compliment your new lifestyle.

Everyone is different, which is why your training program will be tailored to you. It’s not about giving you the hardest workout of your life leaving you so sore you can’t move or worse, injured. It’s about giving you a workout that leaves you feeling fantastic about yourself and your efforts because you know you’re in the best possible hands. We also give you a nutrition program that will guarantee your results.

What you will get from our personal training sessions is:

  • A stronger, leaner body
  • Delicious, healthy food to compliment your training and move you towards your goals
  • More energy than you’ve had before to get through your day without needing the 3pm sugar hit
  • Compliments from your friends and family on how amazing you look since you took control of your health
  • Clothes fitting you just the way you want
  • and so much more!

If this sounds like what you’re after, fill out the contact form now to get started.


What you eat is the most important aspect of any health and fitness goal. You can do all the training you like, but without proper nutrition choices, the results just won’t come. We offer nutrition advice through our personal training packages and also Health Coaching which focuses on what you eat, why you eat and how we can change your unconscious habits to serve you and your goals instead of work against you.

Online Personal Training

When it comes to achieving your goals, one of the biggest factors to your success is your habits. You may not realize it, but your day is run by your habits and rituals. The aim of this program is to change your habits with Healthy Habits to give you the best health of your life, give you tons of energy, tasty nutritious food you can enjoy each and every day and ultimately reach your goals.