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A2Z PT: Your Personal Fitness Trainer in Box Hill

Are you fed up with all the media hype about weight loss fads?

Do you want a simple solution to permanent weight loss so you can start enjoying your life to the fullest?

A2Z PT offers small group fitness with mobile personal trainers in Box Hill, so come and join us!

Our programs have been designed over many years of trial and error to ensure we have the fastest, safest way for you to lose weight, tone up and look absolutely amazing in no time at all. If you can dedicate yourself to our program we guarantee you will reach your goal.  We have personal training programs for any ability or fitness level and our nutrition plans are designed for each individual. Cookie cutter programs don’t work, you have your own needs so we create a plan that’s sustainable for you and your lifestyle.

Would you like any of these:

  • Clothes fitting you better
  • Compliments from your friends because you have that spring back in your step and you look amazing
  • Feeling sexy and beautiful everyday
  • Enough energy to get through each day without resorting to coffee or a sugar hit
  • Eating delicious foods each day without feeling guilty with every bite

If there was a yes to any of those then now is the best time for you to get started, changing your life is only a step away.

Places for small group fitness and mobile personal training in Box Hill:

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If you are looking for a personal fitness trainer who offers local sessions, contact us today to get started on1300 82 50 10 or email us here.