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Looking for a Personal Trainer in Balwyn?

Personal training in Balwyn has brought you a new meaning.

Dear Balwyn resident,

My name is Andrew Zagami, the founder of A2Z Personal Training. As your local fitness trainer here in Balwyn, I want to help you achieve your fitness goals. But before we jump into that, let me tell you there are no magic powders and no special supplements to lose weight or tone up (sorry). The best way to get results is via correct, consistent, intense (yes you will most likely sweat) exercise along with a managed diet plan. Follow these guidelines and your weight loss and body toning goals will be achievable like never before.

Hiring a personal fitness trainer may sound intimidating, with gruelling workouts that leave you unable to walk for days after and just plain nonsense – well if that’s what you think then I’m here to turn your thinking around.

A2Z PT will be there every step of the way. As experienced fitness trainers, we will make sure you are doing the right amount of exercise each day, eating the right foods day in and day and supporting you along your new fitness lifestyle to keep you accountable so you can reach your goals in the fastest and safest way possible.

See, getting fit isn’t so scary now, is it?

Life makes losing weight and getting fit hard – A2Z mobile Personal Training makes it easy. If you are looking for a personal fitness trainer in Balwyn, contact A2Z PT today.

I really look forward to making your path to weight loss and fitness a simple one.

Andrew Zagami

1300 82 50 10

Your “Local” Personal Trainer