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  • Personal Training

    Our brand of Personal Training is a touch different to other’s… With A2Z you don’t need to feel awkward working with a trainer in a big crowded gym in front of other people which often people find daunting – at A2Z we can come where ever like and bring the gym to you! Whether it be your home, your local park, or some other location that suits you – we go out of our way so that you don’t have to!

  • Nutrition Plan

    They say “abs start in the kitchen” – this is actually very true and a coupling philosophy we use along with smart, focused, dedicated training methods 100% tailored to each individual. On top of being a completely mobile, convenient-for-you personal training service, as a qualified Nutritional Therapist Andy puts together easy to follow, results-guaranteed nutrition plans that will get you in the BEST shape you desire!

  • Mindset Mastery

    It’s often looked past but at A2Z PT we know through years of experience and a long list of clientele that the defining factor in the success of health and fitness (actually any arena in life) is the mindset in which you tackle the challenge. Whilst we tailor everything from your training program to your nutritional success guide, we make sure that we have you brain in the game too!

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About Andy Zagami

At the age of 21 Andy Zagami was diagnosed with testicular cancer. In the years that followed he took his health into his own hands and came back stronger than ever.

In his profession, Andy's aim is to help as many people as possible to have the best health of their life. whether that's to prevent a potential disease or to reverse the effects of a particular issue. Throughout his many treatments, Andy never stopped training clients simply becuase of his love for what he does. Since then, he has become a Nutritional Therapist and mBIT coach so he can help his clients on a deeper level.

Andy has truly discovered what makes the biggest difference in transforming peoples' body and mind, which all boils down to the foods we eat, our thought patterns, and the actions we take on a daily basis. Today, Andy works with people of all ages in the Melbourne area and puts together custom-tailored health and fitness plans for each individual.

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