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Ten ten ten! I’ve embraced this lifestyle with open arms and I absolutely love it. You have such a positive outlook on life it’s pretty damn contagious. I have never really done anything like this for myself before and I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. You’re just great! You’re open and honest and very dedicated to what you do. I admire that because there aren’t many people like that out there. I enjoy every session we have together. You’re always happy to answer any questions I have and are always a text away. The sessions are great. There is enough variety for me and like how we focus on different parts each session. I love how I can bring my friends along even if they do cancel! We have a laugh and generally a good time, unless I’m grumpy and you make me do burpees! I wouldn’t ever replace you with another trainer hehe
Renae Saw, Balwyn
No Excuses!! as a Mum of two children aged 2 and 1, I didn’t want to wait until they were at school and look back and think when did I become so unhealthy. I stopped with the excuses that included I am too tired and I don’t have time to get fit. Andrew helped with working around the frantic family schedule to enable both my husband and I to exercise together twice a week with him. I attended my daughter’s first birthday feeling confident and healthy. I have changed my body shape to return to my size of 10 years ago. Andrew has driven me to lose an amazing 20cms from my waist, 7cms from my thighs and a reduction in body fat of 6%. Resulting in a total weight loss of 9kgs to date. Together we have changed excuses to results….give it a try, only a quick email or call to start now.
Mrs H, Balwyn
We started training with Andrew three weeks ago. It was important for us to find a Personal Trainer who not only could provide us with guidance on improving our fitness but also to educate us on good nutrition and lifestyle habits. It was clear from our first consultation with Andrew that he was capable of helping us achieve our goals. It’s refreshing to find a trainer who understands and tailors our program to our individual abilities. It’s amazing what we’ve achieved in this short period of time. We feel more confident, have increased energy levels and improved fitness.
Jodie & Kristel Rundmann, Balwyn
I have been training with Andrew for almost 3 months now. When I began the search for a personal trainer I was looking to improve my level of fitness and enhance my motivation towards exercising. After training with Andrew twice a week I have become more motivated and am now focused on improving my general health and fitness. I have noticed not on physical improvements but also mental as I have obtained a great amount of knowledge in areas such as nutrition, fitness and general health and well being. Andrew services are very convenient and close to home. Each session is different which keeps it exciting and fun!!
Elise Semmler, Balwyn
I have been training twice a week with Andrew for 5 months. I have beaten my original time trial of a 1km run by 1 minute, and I am feeling fitter and more confident. During my time with Andrew, there have been set backs both physically and emotionally, but his support, encouragement and knowledge have helped me to achieve my goals. In six weeks I have lost 4.5 kgs and my body measurements around my shoulders, arms, waist, upper and lower legs have dropped up to 4 cms! I feel I am making more informed choices when it comes to healthy eating and taking pride in looking after myself. I would sincerely recommend a2z Personal Training for those eager to start 2010 with exciting and rewarding challenges.
Amelia Donnelly, Canterbury
I would like to thank you for the dedication and careful attention you have given over the past three months. I have to admit to some reservations with regards to starting a personal training program, but from the first session, you have demonstrated a genuine and professional approach to helping me improve my muscle tone and general fitness. Your tough but good humored approach has made the training sessions enjoyable hard work which also creates high energy levels and a more positive attitude towards work and everyday life generally. I have noticed a big improvement in my general feeling of wellbeing and my stamina during exercise. Also family and friends have commented on how much fitter I look. I recommend your services to anyone wanting to achieve a higher level of fitness but struggling with the idea of a gym membership, self-motivation or time constraints. I look forward to continuing the training and enjoying the good results it provides.
Rob Thomson, Habitat Consultants Balwyn
After suffering serious injury during last year’s football season, I was looking for a way to get fit and into shape in a fast and healthy way. After numerous sessions with Andrew I have found myself losing weight and getting back the core strength I need to compete every weekend. Andrew’s techniques are both varied and enjoyable, whilst also having a clear focus on the results one desires. I recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking to get back into shape or to simply continue result orientated training in the summer. Most importantly Andrew is a great bloke and knows how to get the best out of you.
Tom Frederico, Camberwell

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